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How to write a great blog post that ranks well

Writing great blog posts that rank highly in search engines can be a time consuming affair. Planning a post is crucial if it is to rank well and bring your website tons of free traffic. As a blogger it can be tempting to simply knock out 200 or 300 word articles twice daily; but that […]

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Short URLs: should you implement your own?

Sites like Twitter (and its 140 character limit) have helped fuel an explosion in the use of URL shorteners to generate short URLs. If you are not familiar with what a URL shortener is it basically lets you take an extremely long and difficult to remember URL and simply shorten it. For example: Could […]

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Chain Links

Link building strategies: Rebuilding a lost resource

Today I want to talk a little bit about link building and a nice little strategy you can employ to gain some great authoritative back links from some established sites within your niche. This post was inspired by a video I saw recently by Wil Reynolds (Founder of SEER Interactive and Keynote speaker at Affiliate […]

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Build a WordPress plugin: Awesome Post Footer Part 1

As we all know WordPress is a superb CMS that powers a lot of affiliate websites. It’s free, quick to setup and simple to use. And it also has tons of widgets and plugins to enable you to customise your site as required. So today I am going to show you just how simple it […]

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12 top tips for building better email templates

Emails are essential in effective online marketing but creating professional looking email templates from scratch can be a real nightmare. Here I outline 12 killer tips to help you design and build better emails and avoid the most common pitfalls people encounter when trying to put together a template. 1. Don’t be  too ambitious So […]

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Take your affiliate site from thin to thought leader

Affiliate sites with little more going for them than an exact match domain and some questionable review content are hurting right now, they are working still in some industries but the rankings are much less stable. You might have heard of AuthorRank, Google’s latest idea soon to be deployed, which will mean they look at […]

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Pandas social impact – adjust and flourish

Affiliate marketing has really changed over the last 12 months or so. In fact it is safe to say anyone who has a keen interest in making money online (whether it be affiliates, SEO’s, ecommerce or lead generation) will have felt that change – and if you havent yet, you soon will! I am talking […]

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10 tips to increase your sites organic traffic

I often see a lot of posts and questions on various forums asking that age old question – how to increase organic traffic to your site without spending a penny. Over the last few years I have read many articles and studies in this area and so will share my thoughts on how best to […]

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7 useful tools for rapid website development

If you’re an affiliate marketer like myself chances are you will have multiple websites across several sectors and niches (and if you don’t yet you probably will at some stage). Not only does spreading your portfolio give you a much wider potential target audience it also safeguards against one of your sites being penalised by […]

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Adding microdata to your markup

Google, Yahoo and Bing recently launched an initiative called, to create and support common ways to represent web page metadata. The project offers web publishers the tools to make their content more easily understood by search engines and more effectively represented in search results by introducing unified HTML tags (known as microdata) to help […]

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